Protect your Company with liability insurance.



Public Liability:

Provides protection for claims of compensation in respect of unexpected and unintended property damage or personal injury, to Third Parties, for which the business is legally liable.  In addition the policy provides for the costs of defending these claims.


Professional Indemnity:

Provides protection for businesses and professional persons for legal liability arising from a breach of professional duty or negligence in the performance of those professional services including legal costs and expenses relating to defending these claims.


Statutory Liability:

Provides cover for breaches of most legislation, such as the Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, Privacy Act, but excluding criminal acts & taxation legislation.  Cover includes defence costs and, in most cases, fines & penalties imposed following a conviction.  Fines under the Health & Safety in Employment Act are excluded.


Employers Liability:

Provides protection to employers for the costs of legal action and any compensation awarded to employees as a result of personal injury suffered by an employee in the course of their employment, and not covered by ACC.


Directors & Officers Liability:

This cover provides protection to Directors, Senior Management and Officers of your business for wrongful acts committed whilst carrying out their duties associated with the management of the company.  Cover includes the costs of legal representation in the defence of civil or criminal proceedings and settlements or judgements awarded against directors and officers where no indemnity is given by the company.



Provides cover to protect the business against loss of money and/or property or services belonging to the company, through any dishonest or fraudulent act by staff employed by the company.


Employment Disputes:

Provides protection to employers for personal grievance actions taken against them by employees and prospective employees as a result of unjustified dismissal, discrimination or other disadvantage.   Cover includes defence costs, fines and penalties.


Association Liability:

Provides protection to those engaged in community or industry associations who may be held personally liable for wrongful acts such as errors, omissions or mistakes whilst undertaking their duties for the association.


Trustees Liability:

Provides protection against claims for actual or alleged breach of trust, breach of duty, negligent acts, errors or omissions whilst undertaking their duties for the trust.


Carriers Liability:

Provides protection for liabilities imposed by the Carriage of Goods Act 1979.  Cover is available for liability for loss or damage to goods imposed under the Carriage of Goods Act for goods carried on a Limited Carriers Risk basis; specified cover for goods carried at Owners Risk; Declared Value or Declared Terms sendings; and costs following a valid claim from debris removal and clean up following an accident, expediting expenses and consequential loss for which you are legally liable.


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